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RV Loans

Other Consumer Loans

  • Loans secured by other collateral are ideal for purchasing RVs, boats, campers, and other collateral with titles. Attractive rates and terms are available.
  • Loans secured by a co-maker are often used for debt consolidation or home improvements, but are available for almost any purpose. Your co-maker qualifies for the loan at the same time you do, and is responsible for repayment in the event you are unable to. Attractive rates and terms are available.
  • Signature loans require your good financial standing but no collateral to secure them. They are available for almost any purpose, debt consolidation, car repairs, vacations, computers, etc. Approval amounts are based on your monthly gross income and ability to repay.
  • Share secured loans allow you to borrow at reduced rates and secure your loan by using your savings or term certificates while still earning dividends on these accounts. You can even pledge your shares for family and friends who are SSCU members, allowing them to enjoy this excellent loan value.